AZ-104 – Completed 💪🏽

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Another one bites the dust, today I passed my AZ 104 🎊🎊🎊

Exam Experience

You may call me a 🤓 but this exam was a lot more fun this time, I think that was because I had Nathan Carter to study with it was a good way to bounce ideas around and we could up with ways to testing each other.

One activity I enjoyed and really helped me cement my knowledge was reviewing the Azure Architecture centre, and choosing area such as networking and we would try and deploy the resources by ourselves and review notes/best practices once complete.

This was a great idea and will help us with our AZ-303 which is the next exam on the hit list 😎

Resources used

All the resources highlighted below were a great help, the ones I found particularly helpful is the content from the guys at CloudSkills and the Measure Up practice tests.

Material Link

Azure-104: Prerequisites 

MS Docs

Azure-104: Manage identities and governance in Azure

MS Docs

Az-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam Certification 2020

Udemy Link 

Az-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator 

Measure Up
Azure Administrator Cloud skills   Cloudskills


Quizlet is one of my favourite tools when revising, as it helps with grasping certain concepts or remembering a certain process, for instance how to disabled video for a certain subset of users.

My flashcard deck is available here – Hope it helps!!

That’s 3 exams under my belt now😎 I love learning new things and challenging myself… #keeplearning