Microsoft Teams – My Top 5 Tips and Tricks

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Love little tips and tricks to save me time, here are some I’ve come across whilst using MS Teams on a daily basis.

Command / Search Bar 🔎

There is a search/command bar at the top of Teams that can be used to achieve loads of different tasks.

The Command Bar is used constantly to send quick messages without having to switch to the chat menu.

CTRL E gets you straight to the bar no matter where you are in MS Teams.

Using the Command Bar

Mentions 👬

Use the @ feature to notify people or teams – especially if you need their attention or if it’s a piece of information everyone needs to be aware of.

Customise your notifications 🔔

Once Microsoft Teams gets in full swing, you can get swamped by notifications. All the notifications are totally customisable. My setup is below

Bookmarking Conversations 📑

Continuing on from the tip above, a lot of information can past you by so if I see some content I feel will be useful for me to revisit at some point I will bookmark it and return to it at a later date.

To do this find any message and do the following:

  1. Click the Eclipse
  2. Press Save this message
  3. Review messages by clicking Profile in the top right and pressing Saved

Mobile App – Quiet Hours and Days 🔕

My favourite way to use teams is when my laptop goes inactive it automatically switches to my mobile device. this is customisable via the phone app.

One of the settings I’ve enabled recently is quiet hours so that I don’t get messages and notifications around these hours/days. 😊

Keyboard Shortcuts ⌨

Keyboard shortcuts can be accessed at any time to by pressing CTRL. (yes that is control full stop).

I’ve highlighted my most used below

Keyboard shortcuts

Go ahead give them a try! Hopefully, they’ll speed up some of your actions in MS Teams.