Troublesome Intune Enrolment Issues

By 18th September 20192 Comments

Intune overview

Paired with Azure AD, Intune in the simplest form allows you to manage users and machine policies. Intune is Microsoft Mobile device management platform (MDM) which is being utilised by more and more SMBs companies looking to adopt a cloud-first mentality.

In this post, I will be outlining an enrolment issue that took me a while to resolve and it reared it’s ugly a few times when trying to enrol machines onto the platform.

A good place to start with troubleshooting enrolment issues is the Microsoft Troubleshooting page

Issue – Error 8018000a

There was one issue that I came across on a few Windows 10 – 1903 which the above article above didn’t help with.

The error was “Error 8018000a: “Something went wrong. The device is already enrolled. You can contact your system administrator with the error code 8018000a.” This error was appearing every time I went to Settings > Accounts > Access work

The first step was for me to log in to the Azure Portal and confirm the device was listed

I then decided to fire up PowerShell and make sure it wasn’t a weird issue with the GUI not showing the device – I ranΒ Get-MsolDevice -All | ft to check but that confirmed that the device didn’t exist.


To resolve this error, I used process monitor to find what windows does when tries to join Azure AD.

It appears to create keys under HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Enrollments[some guid]

Once is deleted out the registry keys it then allowed me to successfully join the machine to Azure AD and Intune. πŸ™‚


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