Microsoft Teams – The Who App

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A colleague introduced this application to me recently, this simple application allows users to search for anyone in your organization based on what they’re working on, who they work with, and more.

How to use Microsoft Who

Once enabled in your Microsoft Teams client (Instructions below), the first time you click on the who application it will give you a handy getting started guide.

App questions
App rights

Before you can start interacting with Who you have to allow it to access to your Office 365 profile, by doing this you give the app the rights shown.

The application should then message you saying Thanks! You’re ready to start chatting.

If you are stuck at any time you can type What Can I do?

Who in Action

From the screenshot above, you can see the application Who has a wide range of functions, below gives you a glimpse into what it can do.

Navigation Bar

Along the top bar, you also have

  • Your Org – This section allows you to type in any users name and it will display an organisation chart for that user.
  • Forthcoming meetings – This screen gives you an overview of all your meetings in the 7 days

Enabling Who in Teams – User-Driven

Users can enable the Who application by following the steps below:

  1. In the Bottom left click Apps
  2. Type Who in the Search Box
  3. Click Who application and press add button

Enabling Who in Teams for all users – Policy Driven

Once in the administration centre, under Team Apps > Setup Policies you have two options;

  • Create a custom policy and add the users who need it to use the application
  • Use the Global (Org-wide default) policy

I prefer to use the Global (Org-wide default) policy as I think this I a great application that all users can make use of.

  1. To enable the application for all users you will need to browse to the Teams Administration centre
  2. Click Team Apps.
  3. Click Setup Policies.
  4. Click Global (Org-wide default).
  5. Press Add Apps.
  6. In the search box type Who, press Add and then press Save
Enabling Teams in the Admin Centre

N.B. it can take a few hours to appear in users Teams Client.

Now that you know how to get the Who App downloaded…give it a go, the only prerequisites are that your manager fields, mobile fields etc have been data.