SharePoint Admin Centre – Beautiful and Modern

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The new SharePoint admin has been announced for a while but is still in preview – if I ever see the “Try the preview” banner when working on SharePoint this is my go to, the old centre just doesn’t cut it and to be frank just looks dated and missing key components.

Old Centre

One of the biggest let downs of the current admin centre is when working with new communication sites or subsite theses don’t show, which makes it an admin nightmare when administering.

Landing page

With the redesign of the SharePoint admin landing page, Microsoft provides you with some analytical data (probably through the Microsoft Graph API) showing top file activity and the total/active sites in your tenant.

They have also brought in the message centre and service health so you can see if there are issues that have been reported/detected, with all these additional features the new experience becomes a one-stop shop for all SharePoint related administration.

New Sharepoint Admin Centre

Site Management

Under the Site management tab on the left, Microsoft has added loads more metadata and the ability to see all the different types of sites under one view. This allows you to quickly and easily find sites based on different criteria i.e. Sitename, sharing status and last activity,

Last activity is great for finding sites that have become stale and help with keeping the environment up to date and relevant. As seen below once you have found the sites you can then contact the owners asking if the site is still needed (you can create custom messages).




There is still work to get all the features ported over from the old admin centre, more information can be here.

I’ve been using the UserVoice a lot for all things office 365 recently to see what is in the pipeline and what users/Admins would like to see for Sharepoint Administration click here

Overall, the new admin centre is a great addition to an administrators toolkit.


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