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The main use case for Azure files was originally for businesses that have legacy apps that needed a file share or for when latency to the cloud is an issue for software such as AutoCAD ruling out Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business. Azure files currently supports SMB 2.1 and SMB 3.0 and the additional benefit of encryption at rest.

Azure files, solves a few customer pains such as archive data that must be kept for compliance, capacity issues, DR struggles and meeting backup goals.

It’s really easy to create and manage this files shares, the two current methods for managing is Via the Azure portal and PowerShell to create the Fileshare.

As long as you have the correct module installed it’s just in a case of running the following commands:

$storageContext = New-AzureStorageContext <storage-account-name> <storage-account-key>

$share = New-AzureStorageShare logs -Context $storageContext

There is support all the way back to Windows 7.


2017-09-30 11_13_34-Mount an Azure File share and access the share in Windows _ Microsoft Docs

Azure files is supported on the following OS


And Finally….! There is Azure Backup integration so you can backup your file shares in Azure without doing any backup at all on-prem.

Channel MSDN Quick Overview

MS Docs


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